BCT Toronto - Pricing Instructions

    To properly price any product, please make sure to have a current copy of the BCT price list. You can view the pricelist by request, via email. We may also have one of our drivers drop it off. Products are priced by adding the base price to any and all custom service charges applicable.

    Base Price
    Base prices can be determined using the following criteria: Paper Type, Ink Colour(s), and Quantity.
    1. Using your catalog, locate the proper page for the item you're pricing
      (Ex/ Business Cards)
    2. Locate the pricing code that corresponds to the stock of your item
      (Ex/ White Linen is BC-3)
    3. Determine how many ink colours will be needed to produce the item
      (Ex/ Black and Burgundy)
    4. Choose the quantity for the order
      (Ex/ 1000)

    Please note that above image does not necessarily reflect current BCT pricing.
    For the correct price, please consult your current price list.

    Custom Service Charges
    Once you've found the base price, you'll need to add any additional custom service charges to determine the total cost. The cost of each custom service charge can be found in the price list, and include:
    • Additional Colour - Charged for each extra colour
    • Additional Lines (over 9) - Charged for each line that exceeds 9
    • Bleed(s) - Charged for each side that printing meets or extends off the edge of the card
    • Border from Graphic Section - Borders used from the Graphics Section of our Catalog
    • Special Composition - Charged for custom artwork & designs
    • Rework of Poor Quality or Electronic Art - Artwork that requires special modifications for proper printing
    • Close, Hairline, or Trap Registration - Charged when using two colours and, 1. The colours are closer than 1/16th of an inch, referred to as Close Registration; 2. One colour touches another colour, referred to as Hairline Registration; 3. One colour is completely enclosed or surrounded by another colour, referred to as Trap Registration
    • Premium Ink Colours - Charged for premium inks, such as Gold & Silver
    • PMS Ink Press Wash-Up - Charged any time a PMS colour is desired. This covers the time necessary to prep our equipment for your specialty job
    • Proof - Charged when the artwork for a job is provided to our customer for reviewing prior to production
    • Multiple/Additional Proofs - Charged for each subsequent proof on a particular order
    • Lasersafe Letterhead of Envelope - Protection for print materials in Laser Printers & Photocopiers
    • Rush Service - Charged when an order is required before its scheduled day/time of delivery
    • Change in Production - Charged whenever an order is changed after being placed in production
    • Cancellation of Job in Production - Charged whenever an order is cancelled after being placed in production
    • Second Side Printing - Charged for printing on the back side of the product
    • Printing on Flap of Envelope - Charged when adding print to the flap of an Envelope
    • Scoring/Perforating - Charged when scoring or perforating a printed product
    • Drop ship service within GTA - Charged for orders requiring shipping